ʶҹͧ, ç, ҹ, Ԩ, ȡ, OTOP ᾤࡨ ͧçͧ, йʶҹͧ㹻

ʶҹͧ, ç, ҹ, Ԩ, ȡ, OTOP  ᾤࡨ ͧçͧ, йʶҹͧ㹻
  "ͧ ҹ"
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ҹѡ ʶҹҡҡ ҧ
ҹѡʶҹҡҡȺҧ 㹤ŢͧҸԡҷú ѡͧǹҤ ...
ͧ Payom Thong Homestayԡúҹѡҡҡ ҧ ...
ʡѺҹ ҧҡȸҵԷҴطʹ ...
Թ֡Ҹҵ ͨ¹ҡȵͧشе ͧ ...
ͧ ·ŷ駷㨡ҧͧ ҧҴ· ...
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